30% of Australian Shoppers makes an online purchase in a UK webshop

February 15, 2019 by
Nico Hoeijmans


According to Royal Mail, 30% of Australian shoppers have made an online purchase on a UK webshop, with the average shopper spending an amount of $70 per month. The main reasons that Australians are purchasing from the United Kingdom, are the price, availability of products and their love for certain UK brands. Research suggests that 76% of Australian customers will purchase products from the UK if they are not available in their own country. Another 46% only search for products that are on sale, whereas 59% only purchase products due to their love of the British brands. 60% of the Australian customers that purchase products from UK webshops say the items are cheaper than in their own nation. 41% would buy from a seller in the UK if their products are sold cheaper. Products originating from UK webshops are trusted to be genuine brands by 80% of the Australian shoppers.


Australian consumers & shopping habits
Compared to only 68% in the UK, more than 81% of Australian consumers uses a digital marketplace. The leader in this field is eBay, followed by Amazon and Gumtree. Most of the online shoppers in Australia are looking for value for money as well as inspiration, but the most important aspect of their purchase is the delivery experience. Delivery ratings are considered an influence by 75% of online shoppers, compared to only 58% in the UK.

The average amount per month spent on shopping for the average Australian equals an amount of $160 (groceries excluded), of which 83% is spent online. In 2015, that percentage was just 71. The typical online shopper in Australia is 48 years old and leans towards being female. The top three product categories that are purchased online are clothing (39%), books (24%) and travel (17%). Compared to the typical international shopper, Australians are more likely to buy accessories online.

Tracking & Returns
Over 12% of the Australian customers that purchased from the UK have returned a product. Research also shows that 73% tracked every item they have ordered if that service was provided.  Almost 74% were not likely to make a purchase from a webshop with a challenging return policy, which is higher than the average international customer (66%). The ability to track a return shipment is therefore important, according to 75% of Australian shoppers.


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