75 Million for Alibaba's European Hub

December 10, 2018 by
Nico Hoeijmans

Alibaba logoAlibaba is working on entering the European market. To provide a better service, they will open a European hub in Liege, Belgium. The Chinese marketplace giant has reserved 75 million euro for the creation of this hub. Wednesday, December 5th, contracts were signed. In the deal, it is agreed that Alibaba will have 220.000 square meters available at Liege Airport. The first commercial activities will start in 2021. The hub is supposed to be the official gate for Chinese products into the European market. It is likely that Alibaba will advertise Belgium companies in China as well.

After an initial orientational period, two serious options, the Netherlands and Belgium, were considered by Alibaba. After deciding to go with the Belgian offer, negotiations were relatively short. According to Emerce, Aéroports de Paris, one of the shareholders of Liege Airport, could have blocked the deal as FedEx negotiated for the same terrain as well. These plans will be renegotiated with the American delivery company.


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