Ecommerce Foundation acquired Scamadviser

November 30, 2018 by
Nico Hoeijmans


Ecommerce Foundation has acquired the British website Scamadviser. With the acquisition and integration of the Scamadviser technology, Ecommerce Foundation will strengthen its global e-commerce trust mark solution by instilling trust in consumers buying online and, ultimately, fostering global digital trade. Scamadviser is a popular platform for consumers, with over 24 million users per year regularly consulting its service. Since its launch in 2012, Scamadviser performed more than 185 million automated trust checks and detected nearly 2 million fraudulent websites.

Scamadviser uses an A.I. algorithm with a self-improving formula that covers over 40 technical checks to assess the possibility of an online shop being a scam. By integrating Scamadviser, Safe.Shop is the only trustmark using an automated “Trust Score” as part of the overall certification.

Jorij Abraham, Managing Director of Ecommerce Foundation highlights:  “Acquiring Scamadviser was a logical choice after we launched our rapidly growing global trust mark, Safe.Shop in October 2017. It gives consumers a numerical indication of whether or not an online store seems trustworthy. Furthermore, both consumers and website owners can understand how the Trust Score is calculated and what trust factors it is based upon. Over the coming months, our Research Department will focus on further improving Scamadviser’s algorithm and making it more intelligible for both consumers and online stores.”


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