#eTailAsia; Thriving in the e-commerce Revolution in 2019

December 14, 2018 by
Nico Hoeijmans

Year after year, eTail Asia has been a sell-out success story! And it’s back for the 7th edition at Sheraton Towers, Singapore from 5-7th March 2019.

What is it about you might ask? Simply put its ‘THE’ only destination event for Asia’s leading retail innovators to meet, collaborate and learn about what's disrupting the industry today and what'll change tomorrow. eTail Asia is designed to build up the participant's business and profit by cutting out the fluff and providing content from retail innovators in the trenches.

Some hot topics which have been cast into the spotlight include:

  1. Entering and succeeding in China’s $800 billion eCommerce market

In the notoriously cutthroat retail industry, China’s cross-border eCommerce has been growing at an unprecedented rate, poised to top US$1.64 trillion in sales by 2020. eTail Asia addresses the exciting opportunities awaiting brands who want to tap into the Chinese market, win over Chinese consumers, adapt to local nuances and create a multifaceted digital ecosystem to drive eCommerce sales.

  1. Driving customer engagement and fostering loyalty with blockchain, AR and VR

Digital transformation is crucial, but focusing on establishing a relationship which is authentic, functional and relatable should be of paramount importance. At eTail Asia, businesses discuss cutting-edge technologies which boost connectivity and interaction between brands and customers to optimise the quality of CX.

  1. Achieving a 360-degree customer view thorough AI and Machine Learning

Achieving a holistic customer report is a trend that will continue to explode in all directions. Brands have to build affinity through personalisation and customisation where communication strategies have to be adapted accordingly to each individual based on their preference. Businesses have to wield marketing efforts around individual customers which helps them resonate with a brand.

  1. m-Commerce and a seamless, simple and intuitive payment channel

Millennial shoppers are gravitating towards speedy transactions and on-the-go online shopping. Capitalising on this momentum, businesses are streamlining an omnichannel payment method for customers, enduring the relationship across all channels. A flexible experience without hassle will ultimately increase a customer’s satisfaction, to future-proof a customer’s checkout experience.

Engage with a padded line-up of speakers including:



The 2-day conference has a curated pipeline of compelling discussions, case studies and presentation anchored around the 'millennial mindset', ‘succeeding as an eCommerce brand in an era of dominant e-tailers’ and ‘embracing globalisation’.


To view the full agenda or to learn more about speaking/sponsorship/exhibition opportunities at eTail Asia, please visit https://etailasia.wbresearch.com/.

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