Lidl offers same-day delivery in Italy

February 1, 2019 by
Nico Hoeijmans


Same-day delivery service Supermercato24, which delivers online groceries, announced a partnership with German supermarket Lidl in Italy. The collaboration will allow Italian customers to order groceries from home at Lidl and get them delivered at their door the same day, up to within one hour. The Italian market is the first where Lidl is going to try this marketplace approach. Consumers can choose over 4000 products to order in their preferred nearby store, which after purchase will be delivered by Supermercato24.

In its current form, the partnership only involves certain areas of Italy: Milan, Rome and Verona. It is stated in the press release that it will expand to other cities to get better coverage and efficiency to enlarge its reach. At the end of January, it is planned to be operational in Bologna, Cesena Forlì, Mantua, Modena, Pesaro Urbino, Ravenna and Rimini.

Federico Sargenti, CEO of Supermercato24, says: "This is the first time Lidl leverages the grocery marketplace model which is starting to catch on. We are sure this will be a winning factor for both of us. The e-grocery industry is shifting more towards collaborations between the traditional grocery retailer and tech facilitators like Supermercato24. We are very glad to be at the forefront of this development."


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