European B2C e-commerce turnover forecast to reach the €500 billion mark this year
The Ecommerce Foundation and Ecommerce Europe launched the latest European BC2 E-commerce Report during the Global E-commerce Summit at the end of May 2016. The e-commerce turnover grew by double...
July 11, 2016
US Webinar: Sales through e-commerce to the European Union
The U.S. Department of Commerce invites American exporters to learn about sales through eCommerce to the European Union. During this program you will learn about payment of VAT and duty...
July 11, 2016
The Brexit: Why? - Really? - And cross-border e-commerce?
One week has gone by since the British voted to leave the EU. Or should I better say, 51.89% of the 72% who turned up to vote favoured the ‘Leave’...
June 30, 2016
Going global through localized pages and custom content
Raising conversion from 9 to 17% through localizing website content for a new market- this is what many retailers would wish to achieve when internationalizing their e-commerce business. shared...
June 23, 2016
Cross-border-Ecommerce: Guide to selling online in the United States
A practical guide to selling online in the United States
In the first issue of the Cross-Border Magazine, Franck Boniface, VP Legal and Payments at Vestiaire Collective, talks about the company’s expansion strategy to the US. “The UK was the...
June 15, 2016
Join us at eTail Europe 2016 for our official Launch!
The very first edition of the Cross-Border Magazine will be officially launched at the eTail Europe Conference taking place from June 21st – 23rd 2016 at the Queen Elizabeth II...
June 14, 2016
European online merchants still face barriers when selling abroad
Legal fragmentation, taxation systems (VAT) and logistics/distribution remain the three most difficult barriers to overcome for online merchants selling abroad according to the “Cross-border E-commerce Barometer”. Following on from last...
June 14, 2016
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