Online Shoppers in Germany buy more and more in China

January 25, 2019 by
Nico Hoeijmans


Online consumers in Germany buy more and more goods abroad. According to DPD's e-shopper barometer, half of German online shoppers have accessed a foreign webshop to purchase a product cross-border. Overall, the share of online foreign purchases in the German total volume is about 17%. Above all, Germans tend to buy cross-border in Germany. A total of 44% is accrued from dealers from China, followed by the United States and the United Kingdom.

The most important reason for a purchase at a foreign webshop is the lack of availability of the product in German shops. This is closely followed by a cheaper price. The Germans pay attention to shipping at their online retailer. About 80% expect customer-friendly delivery options such as next-day delivery or shipment tracking in real time. Almost equally important for German customers is to know the time of delivery within a 1-hour window. Two thirds would even switch providers for this. Free returns or free shipping are only crucial for around a third of the respondents. Almost 40% of shoppers who never buy abroad, choose not to due to the long delivery times. Popular product categories are the high-tech and electronics sector, DVD, CD and video games and fashion. For the e-shopper barometer, DPD surveyed more than 24,000 consumers in 22 countries (including 1,550 in Germany). Find the study here.

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