Meest International is part of the Meest postal and logistics group, which has been on the market since 1989 and has its own offices and logistics hubs in countries such as Ukraine, USA, UK, Germany, Australia, Canada and others. The main advantages are work on 5 continents, in 50+ countries, with 60+ logistics partners and the presence of 131,000+ PUDOs.

Meest International's main services and products are focused on cross-border e-commerce solutions, namely: customs solutions, cash on delivery, customer service, transportation and omni-channel distribution, easy return and refund, single point of integration.

The company has created a Meest World Logistics Platform unique service, which provides everything you need for efficient delivery management. It is the only connector that solves any problems and answers any questions that may arise throughout the process.

Providing everything you need Meest International helps to attract new customers and focus on the most important thing: business partner development!

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