At the moment, Monta focuses on the fulfilment of more than 1,500 webshops via many warehouses across the Netherlands and Germany. Monta believes in the advantages of cross border fulfilment, which is why they're expanding their services throughout Europe. Monta allows webshops to connect their webshop-system, marketplace(s) and ERP system to Monta's software. The company ships via many carriers, worldwide. Webshops can benefit from additional services such as a multi-carrier option, RMA (Return Management Authorization)-system, and Smart Stock feature which shows advisory reports on inventory. Via the Montaportal one always has access to all processes, such as the status of every webshop order.

Since the start of Monta (1999) there is a major focus on AI and automation. All software and hardware is developed in-house. This is not only used for their fulfilment services, they also sell both the software and the hardware to webshops that own warehouses themselves (MontaWMS). Monta constantly tests and improves the software and hardware. Furthermore, the company works together with robots. However, Monta remains flexible in their processes and these processes are not dependent on the capacity of the robots. Due to the collaboration between humans and robots, sudden peaks in online orders are not a problem. Monta really wants to make it possible for webshops to grow without limits (in both number of online orders and assortment), which is why they continue to scale rapidly.

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