Two years ago, Staxxer came into existence through the merger with Marketphase. The company was founded with a clear objective - to make VAT compliance for online sellers a simple process. The founders, Peter and Ties, faced the complexities of European VAT regulations while running Spy-Fy, which motivated them to create a solution specifically designed for e-commerce.

Staxxer provides a unique blend of software and service, which makes European VAT compliance an affordable, manageable, and accessible process. The company is dedicated to simplifying the VAT process and making it accessible to all online sellers.

Staxxer's software, Staxcloud, is designed to simplify VAT compliance by offering transparent calculations, declaration status updates, and valuable insights. This software can be integrated with popular e-commerce platforms like Amazon,, and Shopify, providing a real-time overview of all European VAT. Staxcloud is constantly evolving and developing new features to make VAT compliance easier for online sellers, allowing them to focus on growing their businesses.

Say goodbye to the stress of European VAT compliance and allow Staxcloud to take care of it for you. With its innovative solution, Staxcloud is here to make VAT compliance simple, accessible, and straightforward for online sellers. Trust Staxxer to help you navigate the complexities of European VAT regulations with ease.

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