PostNord International Announcement: Our journey towards global excellence

April 22, 2024 by
Frank Calviño

By PostNord - PostNord's international operations are brought together under joint management with the aim of capturing the growth potential for imports and strengthening our market leadership.

We have reached a significant milestone in our company's journey – the launch of PostNord International. This initiative marks the consolidation of our three international business units – PostNord Germany, PostNord Worldwide Connect, and Direct Link – into a unified and dynamic organization poised for success on the global stage.

Over the past years, PostNord has been increasingly focused on expanding our international footprint and capturing new business opportunities outside the Nordics. With international flows accounting for a significant part of our future business, the formation of PostNord International represents a strategic move to capitalize on this growth potential and solidify our position as a leader in the Nordic parcel delivery market but also as a well-respected international player on the global market.

PostNord International bring together the diverse strengths and expertise of our three international units. This consolidation will enable us to leverage synergies, optimize resources, and deliver even greater value to our customers worldwide while also simplifying our operations and enhancing efficiency.

"We are excited about the international opportunities that lie ahead and firmly believe that PostNord International will play a crucial role in realizing our ambition to become a market leader," says Kim Pedersen, Chief PostNord International."Our customers are at the core of everything we do, and through a shared commitment across the broader PostNord organization, we will continue to deliver products and services that exceed their expectations."          
Kim Pedersen, Chief PostNord International.

"We now have an aligned, strong international team that interlinks well with the countries in a simplified way and consolidate a wealth of knowledge and insight that will be instrumental in shaping the future success of our international operations," Kim adds.

"At the heart of this strategic realignment is our commitment to driving growth and innovation on an international scale," says Thomas Högklint, Interim Head of PostNord International. "By combining our collective expertise and talents, we can better serve our customers, strengthen our market position, and unlock new opportunities for success.           
Thomas Högklint, Interim Head of PostNord International.

Additionally, through a closer day-to-day partnering with the Nordic parcel organizations we will enable both faster onboarding and first-class service for the strongly growing international customers."

The new organization is effective from April 1, 2024

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