The challenges of mobile sales in online fashion retail

February 20, 2019 by
Nico Hoeijmans

Fashion MobileOnline fashion shoppers spend more on their mobile devices than via their desktops, for the first time ever. A large-scale study done by Nosto shows that in the last quarter of last year, 46% of online spending on fashion was completed by a smartphone, whereas the desktop only accounted for 44%. By comparison, during the first quarter of the year, this ratio was 37 to 50%.

Nosto investigated the data of 1.2 billion fashion-webshops worldwide for a year. This analysis shows that 58% of the internet-traffic to fashion retailers comes from mobile devices, which is almost two times more than a visit from the desktop. Although this could be good news for webshops (especially focused on mobile commerce), Nosto’s research shows that online fashion retailers must find a way to make mobile customers purchase more quickly.

Customers spend up to 30% less time in a fashion webshop when they visit via a mobile device, as they would do via a desktop. Therefore, retailers will need to optimise the mobile experience so that impatient online customers can quickly find what they need and make a purchase.

The average fashion shopper spends 164 seconds on a webshop when they visit via their mobile phone, compared to 239 seconds when they visit from a desktop device. The conversion rate on mobile devices is lower as well: 1.32% versus 2.4% on a desktop. In addition to this, the revenue per visit is also $1.44 lower than on the desktop, which converts an average of $2.76 per visit.

According to Nosto’s CEO, Jim Lofgren, fashion webshops draw almost double the amount of traffic from mobile devices than they do from desktops, which creates a huge challenge. As mobile visitors spend less time browsing the webshops, they are less willing to complete their purchase. Part of the solution is providing an optimised mobile website, including pages that load fast and easily viewable content.

Less time to court the customer can be resolved by personalising the customer experience based on the online shopper’s behaviour. By using Artificial Intelligence (AI), you can continue personalisation and use the small space on a mobile screen optimally by introducing customers to the most relevant products. According to Lofgren, AI is the largest driver in increasing mobile sales and sales volume in online fashion.

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