e-CROSS is the first and unique end-to-end cross border SaaS Platform in Latin America enabling merchants to sell globally, easily and frictionlessly, with localized browsing, logistics intelligence and financial solutions to boost e-commerce growth.

Cross Border SaaS solution that allows brands to carry out the international D2C expansion of their online sales to Latin America, both in their own e-commerce and in multiple marketplaces. Our platform allows the (1) Localization of the shopping experience (language, currency, regulatory compliance of each country), (2) Access to the entire global network of e-Cross logistics partners that guarantee a great delivery experience and (3) Financial solutions that allow acquiring of the transaction in local currency using the main means of payment in each country (e.g. boleto, Pix, CoDi), payment of taxes and international remittance of funds to the brand's country of origin in its own currency. This entire ecosystem is supported by a business intelligence engine that combines market information with customer operation data, bringing constant insights for sales growth.

For the Merchant (brand or retailer), through a D2C operation, it is possible to expand its geographic presence, or in case of a local operation (physical or online), the possibility of assortment expansion, which is usually very restricted in Latin America due to the risk and costs of local inventory. From the Merchant side, there is no need for big investments, opening foreign legal entities and no FX or regulatory compliance risk. Quickly and easily.

For the Buyer, the international shopping experience becomes as simple as buying local. His/her location is identified and the website is presented in the user's native language and local currency, displaying the entire brand's global assortment, enabling him/her to choose between multiple freight options and local payments.

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