exporto is one of the leading providers of European e-commerce shipping with expertise on Switzerland, UK and Norway. We rely on automated technologies for cross-border e-commerce and combine these with an established logistics network. Thanks to exporto, e-commerce companies are able to ship to the most exciting European markets providing the fastest and best customer journey, automate customs and tax processes, choose the preferred carrier in the destination country, efficiently process international returns and analyze data across the entire supply chain. With over 120 employees spread across five locations in Germany, the UK and Switzerland, exporto supports e-retailers in all operational processes. Our USP’s

exporto offers an all inclusive service with a fully integrated plug and play solution. With exporto, online retailers work with one single partner who covers all the services they need for their European shipments specifically to countries like Switzerland, the UK and Norway. This means no communication effort between individual service providers. What e-com companies can expect from a collaboration:

  • A one stop shop for all services
  • Automated customs and tax processes
  • Fastest international delivery of just 2-3 working days
  • Easy and transparent returns solution of just 4-5 working days
  • Competitive pricing and savings
  • Plug-and-play principle
  • Carrier integration and tracking
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