Oct8ne was founded in the USA and after few years the headquarters moved to Barcelona. Oct8ne is actually one of the leading companies in customer service tools within the Spanish Market and is growing its presence in other European countries and LATAM. Oct8ne is the first hybrid chat (Livechat and Chatbot) with visual support that also integrates the e-commerce catalog, with the aim to increase conversion. This visual support (coviewer) allows agents and customers to see images and videos of products in real-time and interact with them.

The innovative Add to cart & Check-out button turns the agent into a personal shopper, who can proactively help the customer throughout the whole purchase process. These functionalities together with the browsing history of the customer, helps the agent to implement cross-sale and up-sale techniques, boosting conversion and reducing cart abandonment.

As mentioned above, Oct8ne has also developed a chatbot, which makes this tool the perfect combo to increase sales: while agents focus on selling, the chatbot can answer frequent questions, guide customers toward the product they are looking for, providing info about order status, store locator, shops opening hours, etc always giving the possibility to the customer to be transferred to an agent if necessary.

Partner News

Oct8ne expands its customer service channels with WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger
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June 14, 2021
Oct8ne introduces its new chatbot model to increase sales
Its configuration is very simple and completely customizable for each business.It integrates with APIs to automate any administrative process.47% of users who make purchases online would be willing to do...
April 13, 2021
The advantages The Art Company gets from Oct8ne’s chatbot
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January 26, 2021
Why your live chat needs visual support to offer outstanding customer service
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January 21, 2021
How visual customer service turns e-commerce into a success story: Four examples with real data
The goal of any e-commerce business is to sell, but the real purpose of a good e-commerce business is to boost sales continually. It makes sense to think that the...
January 14, 2021
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