Trilogi – The eCommerce Agency is an eCommerce consultancy specializing in the design and implementation of eCommerce platforms, working also to develop marketing strategies for online shops. Present in five locations, Barcelona, Igualada, Madrid, Hong Kong and Shanghai, Trilogi, as a leading eCommerce agency in Spain, has more than 22 years of experience in the sector helping more than 670 global B2B/B2C and Multi-Channel businesses through tailored solutions, concrete growth strategies, creative designs and advanced technology. Trilogi offers a complete service for eCommerce that brings together the most technological part of the platform with the strategic part of the business. From developing online shops with different types of eCommerce platforms, such as Prestashop, Magento Commerce, LogiCommece, WooCommerce and many more, to consultancy and auditing services, along with a comprehensive Digital Marketing service. They target eCommerce mainly in the European market and in the Asia Pacific area that want to grow and internationalize. Trilogi has experience in companies from different sectors (fashion, automotive, electronics or cosmetics among others) and has collaborated with brands such as AUDI, eseOese, GAP, Macson or Munich. They work with different business models, B2C, B2C or both combined, looking for customized solutions for each client.

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