The government portal GeM has crossed ₹2 lakh crore this fiscal year
The procurement of goods and services from the government portal GeM has crossed ₹2 lakh crore this fiscal year due to higher buying activities by different ministries and departments. The...
November 15, 2023
The global e-commerce market will reach $9.3 trillion by 2027, and India leads the way!
The global e-commerce market keeps growing, and it is forecasted to reach a global value of $9.3 trillion by 2027, with India leading as the fastest-growing market. GlobalData's latest report,...
October 16, 2023
WhatsApp new functionalities aim to turn into a ‘super app’
WhatsApp is evolving into what could be called a ‘super app’ or ‘a full-featured app’. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, presented at its annual Conversations conference in Mumbai (India) some...
September 20, 2023
Amazon India now offers food payments
Amazon India is testing a new path to conquer the Indian market after shutting down its food delivery business last year: Now it is trying its hand at food payments...
May 31, 2023
eTail Asia Exclusive Interviews: Anvesha Poswali, leading the home products market in India
Automation, seamless tracking & execution, virtual try-on,  and keeping your consumer at the center, are some of the key elements behind Unilever's success in the complex and massive Indian market....
July 6, 2022
Amazon Retail receives $35 million from parent to improve in food e-commerce
Multinational marketplace platform Amazon invests approximately 35 million dollars (240 Crores in Indian Rupees) into Amazon Retail India’s food e-commerce arm. The Indian department includes the Amazon Now and Amazon Pantry...
April 8, 2019
India proposes new e-commerce regulations with focus on data rules
India outlined a new draft policy for its rapidly growing e-commerce sector on Saturday. The focus in this policy lays on data localisation, improved privacy safeguards and measures to combat...
March 4, 2019
Cross-Border e-commerce library available to online merchants
Online merchants who want to expand cross-border can now find infographics providing actionable stats, facts and figures from an interesting e-commerce regions. Stats are provided by the data-driven omnichannel PSP...
December 20, 2017
Why the hell should we go to India?
by Maarten van der Schaaf. Maarten van der Schaaf is partner at the Amsterdam-based consultancy IndiaConnected. An Interview with IndiaConnected partner Bart Hergaarden is featured in the 1st issue of the Cross-Border...
August 2, 2016
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