6 packaging tips that e-commerce customers can relate to

September 25, 2019 by
Nico Hoeijmans

Ranpak6TipsRanpak, packaging solution provider, is an expert in the paper packaging industry worldwide. As online retailers are always looking for ways to improve on the shipment of their orders, and packaging is an important part of that, the company offers 6 insights for e-commerce sellers.

The insights focus on what customers can relate to, and help online retailers to think about how to maximise efficiency in packaging while minimalising material cost and usage.

Six packaging tips explained:

1. Don't ship air

Choosing the right box size is important. Size matters when you’re choosing your packaging. 15% of the respondents were unhappy with the size of the box they received. You need packaging that provides enough protective material but is also appropriate in size compared to the product inside. Shipping extra air annoys your customers, increases your CO2 footprint and raises transportation costs.

2. Keep it safe (and cool)

You can’t afford unsatisfied customers with damaged goods. Returns are very expensive and keeping your customers happy is vital for your business. When you use exactly the right amount and type of material, you can improve your packaging operations and reduce your breakage rates significantly. Not only is paper protective, but it is also an outstanding insulator. Ideal for when you need to ship cold chain goods, such as food.

3. Customise your packaging

Automation delivers many benefits. Your packaging tables can move to the background, and boxes can be created with less wasted space. You’ll benefit from fewer, but more engaged and motivated packagers – people who are there to make sure your machines are giving optimum results.

4. Choose packaging material that pleases

A happy customer is a returning customer. 58% of respondents said they were convinced by an online unboxing review to buy a product. Your customers deserve a faster and happier unboxing experience and putting attention into this helps you get more satisfied customers.

5. Make it sustainable

Using recyclable packaging material not only benefits the environment – it is increasingly valued and demanded by your customers. More than 4 out of 5 respondents (82%) say it’s important to use recyclable material for e-commerce packaging. According to the Ranpak research, 33% are even willing to pay more for environmentally friendly packaging.

6. Control in-the-box costs

How do you cut labour and material costs and reducing damage return rates with packaging? Optimising processes to speed up the production, reduce damage on goods that are returned and thinking about automating processes can help you control the in-the-box costs. It can even benefit the value of your company. According to Ranpak research, 33% of respondents were more likely to pay extra for reusable packaging.

In this link, you can find more information on these tips.


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