Beauty products and the internet: a perfect match!

September 2, 2022 by
Frank Calviño
Decorative cosmetics

By Direct Link - Beauty products and cosmetics have been an established e-commerce category for quite some years now. During the eight consecutive years that PostNord/Direct Link has published the report E-commerce in Europe, we have seen a growing proportion of consumers who shop for beauty and cosmetics online every passing year. In the latest report from 2021,  an average of 35% in the twelve European countries covered by the survey state that they shopped beauty and cosmetics products online during the last year. In the US market, online sales are predicted to more than double in 2022 compared to 2019. 

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However, the popularity of the category online is not surprising, it´s more or less the perfect match. The industry has developed strongly in terms of the way to expose and market their offer visually online. In addition, most of the products bought online are light in weight and volume and can often be delivered directly to the recipient´s mailbox.  

One category of people who are heavy consumers of beauty and cosmetics products is the so-called Generation Z, usually defined as people born between 1997 and 2009. This is the first generation to date that has spent its entire life more or less constantly connected to the internet. They differ from previous generations in several ways, for instance when it comes to how they perceive marketing.

They love brands, but at the same time require them to be genuine, honest, and socially engaged. They also favor visual-based media and marketing rather than text-based. For that reason, social media platforms and influencers have become particularly important and valued marketing channels for this target group.

Studies show that more than 65% of those who belong to Generation Z are motivated by social media to buy and try new beauty products. Direct Link – part of PostNord is handling global B2C deliveries to some of the biggest e-commerce players within the beauty segment.

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