E-commerce Germany: shipping in 2020

July 20, 2020 by
Sanne Leenders

According to ParcelLab, online retailers in Germany should better inform their customers about the status of their online purchase. The study showed that one in four German e-commerce companies only send a single mail after checkout. ParcelLab says these numbers are especially problematic in current times of uncertainty.

Room for improvement

In 2018, ParcelLab published their first research on this matter. Compared to 2018, retailers are now focusing more on shipping communication. The number of retailers who accompany customers themselves after clicking the checkout button has increased from 20 to 32. At the same time, the number of retailers who made no mention of anything after ordering dropped from eleven to nine. However, there is still room for improvement at most major German online retailers. A quarter of the online retailers still stop communicating post-purchase after just one email. In addition, there is a very big chance this is just the order confirmation email.

Shipping information

91 of the top German retailers integrate a tracking link into their shipping notification. However, only 30 of them guide customers back to their own shop. Furthermore, only 18 of the top shops send a message when the parcel carrier has delivered the delivery. This means that 82 shops do not provide this information for the customer. ParcelLab rightly remarks that this kind of information is more important now than ever. Ever since the COVID-19 outbreak, delivery times are much longer. “Delivery times are going from three to four days to several weeks in some cases. And this is an even bigger issue when the product pages are not displaying these delays", says ParcelLab.


Exactly 50 online retailers do not take any sustainability measures when it comes to the delivery. However, 29 online retailers decided not to use plastic as filling material. Furthermore, nine online retailers used DHL GoGreen as a logistician.

Customer ratings

66 of the top retailers do not ask their customers for ratings. Only 24 retailers motivate their customers to use rating platforms. Another nine retailers ask for product-level reviews in the shop and one retailer even asks for both.

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