E-commerce Switzerland grows 25.8%

June 22, 2021 by
Sanne Leenders

E-commerce in Switzerland experienced a significant growth last year, according to Ecommerce News. The value of goods ordered online and through distance selling increased by 25.8% to 13.3 billion Swiss francs. This which corresponds to €12.18 billion. The growth of e-commerce in Switzerland last year was around three times higher than in previous years. When compared to the total volume of Swiss retailer, the value of e-commerce orders at home and abroad accounts for 14.2%. This was 11.5% one year earlier.

25.7% increase in turnover

The Commerce Report Switzerland 2021 from Datatrans found that the top 30 business-to-consumer online shops in Switzerland managed to increase their turnover by 25.7% last year. This is compared to the top 30 of 2019.

Even though they were not able to expand their market share of around 60%, this alone is a great achievement in terms of volume for already very large providers and without preparations having been made.

Accelerating the change in commerce

The Commerce Report Switzerland 2021 is based on a survey among 29 online and multi-channel retailers in Switzerland. They have a combined e-commerce volume of around €2.93 billion. Most participants expect the level of online sales to remain stable even after public life normalizes. As a result, many retailers have shifted their focus and are expanding their digital offerings.

The Swiss consumer goods trade has been able to overcome the COVID-19 crisis. In addition, the very high willingness to invest shows how seriously providers see the need to adapt in the future. Ultimately, this will further accelerate the change in commerce.

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