German shoppers want to choose logistics company

September 15, 2020 by
Sanne Leenders

According to parcelLab and YouGov, 71% of online shoppers in Germany prefer to choose which logistics company sends their online order. The most important reason for this is because it enables the consumer to influence the delivery reliability. Another important reason for being able to choose the logistics company handling the delivery, is that customers can choose a delivery service whose parcel shop is most nearby. This makes picking up the online order more convenient for them.

Environmentally friendly packaging

96% of customers said they do not care whether the packaging is printed with the retailer’s logo or not. The impact of the packaging n the environment is more important to the customers. In fact, 42% of online shoppers prefer to have their order shipped in a box made of environmentally friendly and recycled cardboard.

No-go for online German shoppers

German shoppers prefer to have their parcels delivered to them at their homes. However, if that is not possible, 55% prefer to have the parcel stored in their garage or in the stairwell. Half of the respondents pick up their online order at a postal office or a package station. A solution like click-and-collect is used by only 28% of German shoppers. In addition, it seems that 54% even actively reject this solution. The biggest no-go for online shoppers in Germany is delivery in the back of the car. Three quarters of consumers said they do not want to use this option if it is available.

Online retailers should be more proactive

There is also potential for optimization when it comes to shipping communication. ParcelLab suggests there is plenty of improvement when it comes to shipping communication. Online retailers should be more proactive in providing information about the shipping process. The most important information that can be sent is if the shipment is delayed (68%), the fact that the package is on its way (67%) and the confirmation that the customer’s return has arrived (56%). Furthermore, 91% of online customers say they use Track&Trace features in their shipping notification.

"In order to improve the operations experience when receiving parcels, two things are essential for the sender," says parcelLab co-founder Anton Eder. "Customers want more individual and flexible shipping services - among other things through the choice of logistics company. And they want to be better informed about where their order is currently."

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