Intershop Commerce Talks. Are you ready for a boost?

April 16, 2021 by
Sanne Leenders

Find out everything you need to know for a successful B2B e-commerce business in the Intershop Commerce Talks - from ROI analysis to a practical checklist for your replatforming project. Together with customers and partners, the e-commerce solutions provider Intershop discusses best practices and provides exclusive insights into growth strategies. Controversial panels, informative webinars and crisp interviews will get you quickly to the next level when it comes to current trends, innovations and technologies.

Live or recorded, these videos will help you answer important questions like:

The Intershop Commerce Talks also provide practical tips, such as a checklist to help you determine whether your commerce platform is still suitable to support your goals, or criteria to help you select the right e-commerce solution to meet your future challenges. 

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