Interview with Stephane Tomczak, CEO & Founder of DELIVER

August 26, 2020 by
Sanne Leenders

We met with Stephane Tomczak, CEO & Founder of DELIVER to tell us more about their event. DELIVER is Europe’s biggest and most attended elite e-logistics event bringing together all important decision makers and the most famous brands of the retail, e-commerce and logistics industry. DELIVER has been created with a focus to unite the e-logistics elite and to provide a platform where global key players can discuss, build relationships and sign the most profitable contracts. 

Can you tell us about your history and why you started the DELIVER events?

The reason behind the creation of DELIVER was to provide a space in which the retail elite can engage with each other and shape the future of our industry together. This is facilitated by our renown one-to-one meeting structure enabling an active and mutually beneficial dialogue resulting in long- term relationships.

We also keep our participants updated about current industry related trends and changes - all in an exclusive setting with top-notch entertainment and fine dining.

What will the main topics be in DELIVER 2020?

This year we will cover a broad range of different topics, including innovation, growth, failure, sustainability and customer satisfaction. Naturally, some of them will be related to the current crisis that has had an impact on all of us individually and the industry as a whole but we will also focus on our common future and how we can shape it in the best way possible.

Why should online retailers (and vendors) attend DELIVER 2020?

Simply put: Because it is a one of a kind event that will help you take your business activities to the next level and set new milestones for the future. Our 99% customer satisfaction rate and our large number of returning customers speak for themselves. DELIVER is Europe’s most elite event centered around the things that really matters to our customers and using our own groundbreaking matchmaking platform to help them find the best suitable business partners.

Why is the event interesting for partners/sponsors?

Sponsors gain a lot of benefits from attending DELIVER 2020. Firstly and most importantly, they are able to sign profitable contracts with peers that are best suited to their needs and demands. Secondly, they are able to discover how their industry will change in the future and how they can make their businesses future proof to ensure profitability for the years to come. And lastly, they are able to profit from our top-notch entertainment and world class animations.

Can you give your opinion about the key factors in the future of last-mile delivery?

The key factors of last mile delivery have changed drastically over the last years. In my opinion the most important factors are time and cost efficiency, sustainability, an increased interconnectedness and of course the highest possible level of customer satisfaction.

Everybody is talking about C02 reduction in last-mile delivery. Can you share your opinion about that topic?

The reduction of C02, environmentally friendly operations and sustainability are becoming an ever more important topic in our day to day business lives. I think that is great and I believe that every company should integrate processes that protect our planet into their operations. DELIVER, for example, is compensating for our participants' CO2 footprint due to their journey to reach us, by supporting an organisation that plants trees in many parts of the world to protect our planet and enhance the lives of locals and ultimately everyone.

What do you expect from the DELIVER 2020 event in Amsterdam?

We have been working really hard to make our 5th live edition happen this year but recent further waves of COVID-19 cases across Europe and the world have made it no longer possible for us to hold the high quality physical event that DELIVER is renowned for. This year is the first time that DELIVER will be organized as a fully virtual event, meaning that participants can join us online from the comfort of their own premises. One of the huge advantages is that in this way none of our participants is excluded from the event due to possible travel restrictions. Further, as always, we expect challenging breakout sessions, groundbreaking presentations by global thought leaders, top-level entertainment and- most importantly- happy customers.

Our customers are what matter the most to us. So if our customers are happy- we are too. Our aim is to go even further this time and bring our 99% customer satisfaction rate up to 100%. 

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