Launch of the EcommerceWiki: boosting cross-border e-commerce by sharing knowledge

June 14, 2016 by
Janine Nothlichs

Ecommerce europe Launch of the EcommerceWiki

The EcommerceWiki is a new platform for sharing information about e-commerce. Created jointly by Ecommerce Europe and the Ecommerce Foundation, the EcommerceWiki has been developed in order to provide a single source of information for the e-commerce sector and easy access to knowledge on essential topics such as cross-border e-commerce, omnichannel architecture, online taxes and B2B e-commerce.

“A large amount of information about the e-commerce industry can be found over the web, but generally the content is not well organized and not always reliable. In a more and more digital world, there is an increasing need for retailers to be informed about the sector, the markets and upcoming trends. This is exactly why we decided to develop this one-stop shop on e-commerce”, says Jorij Abraham, Director of the Ecommerce Foundation.

Stimulating cross-border e-commerce through knowledge
According to the Cross-border Ecommerce Barometer 2016, the main barriers for merchants willing to sell across the border are legal fragmentation, taxation systems (VAT) and logistics or distribution. “Access to information and knowledge sharing can help to overcome these barriers and stimulate cross-border e-commerce, which is Ecommerce Europe’s goal too”, says Marlene ten Ham, Secretary-General of Ecommerce Europe. Sharing is indeed the key word. Thanks to the wiki format, everyone can add new and inspiring content while it is monitored by a group of curating experts ensuring the content is structured, accurate and up-to-date. The result is: one single platform with an online handbook providing definitions and guidelines, but also a place to connect people, find the latest reports, or major e-commerce events. Everyone with an account can upload their relevant content, including reports, events information and videos, for free so that they can reach a larger and international audience.

Marlene ten Ham further explains the importance of the EcommerceWiki: “This platform can play a pivotal role for online shops in Europe and worldwide as experts translate their knowledge into valuable content, turning the platform into a major source of information for the e-commerce sector.”

The EcommerceWiki is initiated by the independent Ecommerce Foundation and Ecommerce Europe. The new platform is also supported by e-commerce associations from other parts of the world, including (USA), NORA (Australia), ABComm (Brazil), BECA (China), and HKFEC (Hong Kong).



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