Luxury brands discover WeChat

July 2, 2019 by
Nico Hoeijmans
Photo by Marta Branco from Pexels
Photo by Marta Branco from Pexels

According to Emerce, there is a rise in the use of WeChat as a selling platform by luxury brands like Louis Vuitton, Cartier and Bulgari. About 60% of the luxury fashion brands at least have a shop in the Chinese app. This is a significant increase compared to the year before (+36%). 

The fastest growing categories of brands with a shop on WeChat are luxury fashion stores (70%) and jewellers (62%). The brands that make use of the Chinese app selling service do so through a mini program in which a limited offer can be presented. WeChat reaches about 1 billion users on a monthly basis. It has evolved from China's messaging app into an all-in-one ecosystem that lets one chat, run errands, hire services, and shop. 

No sales commission

A big advantage for brands that offer their products on the Chinese platform app is that they do not have to pay any commission on sales. Part of the payment goes through WeChat Pay. That is, in cases where Alibaba's Alipay is not available. 

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