Netflix does not fear Disney and Apple

May 2, 2019 by
Nico Hoeijmans

NetflixNetflix says the company does not fear the arrival of Apple TV Plus and Disney Plus. According to them, the "transition from linear to delayed viewing" is huge and all parties benefit from it. The company has stated this during the presentation of its quarterly figures.

The fact that Netflix is starting to earn less and less from its customers, approximately 2%, is due to unfavourable currency differences. The number of paying customers is continuing to increase. In the first quarter of 2019, an additional 9.6 million customers subscribed. Of these customers, 7.8 million are located outside the US. Netflix expects a decreasing growth for the second quarter, approximately 5 million customers.

The streaming company converted 4.5 billion dollars in the first quarter. Its net profit is valued at an amount of 344 million. Netflix is ​​expecting more revenue for the second quarter, but a slightly lower profit. Netflix also confirms an upcoming price increase in "some parts of Europe". According to the company, price increases in the US have not had a major negative effect.

Netflix vs Disney

Last Monday, it was announced that rival Hulu bought AT&T’s interest of 1.4 billion dollars back that it had in the company. Hulu is a joint venture of Disney and American telecommunications giant Comcast. Only WarnerMedia is still a shareholder as of this moment. Disney has great ambitions in the field of video services. The company is going to launch Disney Plus in the US in November. There are plans to roll out the Hulu platform outside of the US as well.

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