Pattern Europe Black Friday results released

December 21, 2020 by
Sanne Leenders

Pattern Europe shared their recent Black Friday results showing how they have progressed in the region as an Amazon seller during 2020. For Black Friday itself, Pattern saw their sales on Amazon in Europe grow by 612% year on year. Their two largest European markets, the United Kingdom and Germany, saw Black Friday results that were up by 682% and 715% respectively.

Sales were strong for the whole week leading up to Black Friday, and have continued since. Pattern has seen several days with sales higher than Black Friday in early December. Moreover, they expect shoppers to continue purchasing Christmas gift items right up until the delivery cut-off.

Pattern's Black Friday growth has been achieved by a mixture of onboarding additional established consumer brands as their authorised Amazon seller. Furthermore, delivering strong sales growth for some of the brands they have traded for more than year.

One consumer electronics brand they represented on Amazon Europe saw 59% year-on-year sales growth across Black Friday and Cyber Monday; and was up by 94% for the full week of the 23rd-29th November. 

Pattern now sells more than twenty brands on Amazon in Europe. In addition to, several additional high-profile brands currently being onboarded for 2021. In addition, they expect their strong sales growth to continue next year.

You can read more about their Amazon Seller proposition here. And how Pattern partners with brands to buy their stock and sell it on Amazon around the world.

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