Posti will open Europe’s largest Parcel Locker

March 1, 2021 by
Sanne Leenders
Parcel Locker

Posti will open the largest Parcel Locker in Europe on March 12 in the Munkkivuori, Helsinki. The current, large parcel space will be turned into an OmaPosti kiosk. This means that the number of lockers is going to be doubled. After the expansion, the it will have 1,002 lockers. This makes it the largest Parcel Locker in Europe and one of the largest in the world.

Posti's largest Parcel Locker is currently located in Tampere, Finland. In addition, the world’s largest Parcel Lockers are in Finland, China and Germany. In 2020, Posti opened 1,5 new Parcel Lockers everyday.

Most popular way of receiving items

The Parcel Locker is the most popular way of receiving items in Finland. 87% of Finns received a package through a Parcel Locker at least once in 2020. Moreover, the corresponding figure in other countries is 40%, on average.

While e-commerce continues to grow strongly, the number of Posti’s Parcel Lockers will also increase. At the moment, there are 2,150 Parcel Lockers in Finland. Meanwhile the goal for the near future is 4,000. Posti’s Parcel Locker network in Finland is already one of the largest ones in the world in relation to the population.

Most important development

"The Parcel Locker capacity and parcel routing are among our most important development areas this year. We constantly monitor the situation in different areas and customer feedback concerning parcel pickup and search actively for new customer-serving solutions. The expansion in Munkkivuori is a good example of this," says Arttu Hollmérus, SVP Parcel & E-commerce at Posti.

Self-service area

The new Parcel Locker in the Munkkivuori shopping center will open on Friday, March 12. It is in a self-service area where customers can access it every day. The expansion work will start on Wednesday, March 10. A temporary pick-up point will be in service in the location to minimize inconvenience for customers. 

"We have received feedback especially concerning parcels redirected to Töölö. This situation should alleviate once the number of different sized lockers doubles. A terminal for taking care of the most ordinary letter-related matters will also be opened in the area on March 15. The terminal provides also a possibility to contact Posti’s customer service representative through a video chat," says Heiko Laubach, responsible for the development of Posti’s retail network.

Lastly, Posti announced earlier this week that it will invest 100 million euros to grow further.

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