Salesupply Success Story: TonerPartner, aiming for customer loyalty

September 13, 2022 by
Frank Calviño

By Salesupply - If you belong to the 60-80 percent of people in Europe that own a printer, then you most likely know our client TonerPartner. TonerPartner is a leading online retailer in toner, ink cartridges, and printer accessories active in most of Europe.

We met with Oliver Ahrens, CEO of TonerPartner to talk about the importance of Customer Service for his business.

Fully focused on customer loyalty

"Usually, customer service centers of (online) consumer electronics retailers and IT vendors are trimmed mainly for productivity," said Oliver. "At TonerPartner the productivity of our service team is still an important aspect, however, our focus is definitely on customer loyalty.

We are in the supply business, consumables, for us loyal, repeating customers are vital. That's why our service agents always put our customers first."

And indeed, the online reviews of TonerPartner confirm this strategy, all over Europe review sites show positive customer ratings.

Just as in any other business of course, every now and then something goes wrong. For webstores advocating customer loyalty, that's where the service department should be at its best.

TonerPartner has enabled its customer care team to solve issues and dampen customer frustrations. From the loyalty standpoint, this is an important decision, trying to win back unsatisfied clients via other channels is more difficult and far more costly.

TonerPartner has been working with Salesupply for years

"It is a matter of critical size", says Oliver explaining why TonerPartner trusts an external service provider with its customer service. "Salesupply takes care of all our customer service outside Germany. If we want availability, reasonable waiting times, and reasonable service levels 5-6 days a week in all these markets, this is the only way. Economically speaking it just wouldn't make sense to do it ourselves."

Would you recommend Salesupply to your peers?

"Yes, they are very pragmatic, able to set up quickly, and the service quality is good. For European customer service, I would absolutely recommend Salesupply."

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