Shopping Secure: a trustmark for cross-border e-commerce companies

November 3, 2020 by
Sanne Leenders
Shopping Secure
Photo:, a Dutch e-commerce association, has launched  Shopping Secure, a trustmark for cross-border e-commerce companies. It is possible to use the international trustmark for both B2C and B2B companies.

More e-commerce cross-border

According to, Shopping Secure launched to respond to a common need from the international e-commerce industry says EcommerceNews. In addition, Wijnand Jongen, CEO, says that online shops doing cross-border business need more international security.

“More and more Dutch online stores are expanding their business across the border,” Wijnland Jongen says. “There they face additional challenges, as the distance between seller and buyer is greater, a different language is spoken and different laws and regulations apply.”

What does Shopping Secure entail?
  1. Your webshop is scanned for security vulnerabilities. This means that customers know that they can shop safely with you.
  2. Your webshop is legally tested. This means that you can be sure that you comply with the laws and regulations. Furthermore, your customers can rely on their rights, such as a 14-day reflection period and clear prices.
  3. Your webshop goes through financial monitoring. This means that customers can count on your webshop to be financially stable.
Not everyone can become a member

However, not everyone can become a member of Thuiswinkel and Shopping Secure. These quality marks stand for safe and reliable online shopping in the Netherlands and across the border. Thus, all the members must comply with laws and regulations. Moreover, they go through a certification process and are recertified every year. The certification process consists of three parts: a legal test, financial monitoring and a security scan.

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