Survey: What does the future of Online Delivery hold?

August 24, 2016 by
Janine Nothlichs

The explosion of omni channel retail has had a profound effect on retailers facing supply chains. Customers have become used to shopping on the go with multiple devices. Now, they are also expecting delivery options to fit around their busy lifestyles and to be able to select from a plethora of delivery options and price.

Next day delivery has led to Click-and-Collect, same day delivery and even same-hour delivery.

The real challenge is that customers are not willing to pay more for all these options. Retailers must try to achieve the best possible solution whilst working within the tightest margins.

We asked 100 Heads of Operations, Heads of Logistics and Heads of E-Commerce about where they stand, and what they predict for the future of delivery.

40% of respondents reported that between approximately a third and a half of their deliveries are international
The UK has great well-known brands that attract international customers, and the complexity of international expansion shouldn’t stop the growth potential in international markets.

But no matter where in the world they are based, retailers are exploring the golden opportunity of internationalisation. Some have reached maturity domestically, while others are struggling within a difficult and competitive local market. Other smaller, more niche businesses may have a limited consumer base domestically but a more substantial target market across the globe. Hence, retailers are looking overseas and across the borders to grow their revenue.

Western Europe is seen as the best growth area for retailers who seek to establish a global footprint
Europe in general is the biggest export market. However, we’re seeing fast growth from the Americas and Asia. When approached correctly, international delivery doesn’t have to be scary or cost-ineffective, both for merchants and customers alike.

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