Wing starts with world's first drone delivery service
The delivery of packages using drones starts this week in Australia. Wing, a subsidiary of Alphabet, is going to deliver medicines, coffee and small food orders in the capital city...
April 15, 2019
eBay starts retail of online groceries in Australia
eBay and the 100-year old Coles Supermarket chain in Australia extend their partnership to launch the first full-blown online grocery business, reports Tamebay. The marketplace platform hopes to attract more...
March 29, 2019
Revenue Shopify increases by 59%
Shopify: a Canadian company that started out as an e-commerce software company, but has grown to be a well-known e-commerce platform that assists web shops with a variety of services....
February 22, 2019
30% of Australian Shoppers makes an online purchase in a UK webshop
According to Royal Mail, 30% of Australian shoppers have made an online purchase on a UK webshop, with the average shopper spending an amount of $70 per month. The main...
February 15, 2019
The Iconic, Showpo and Asos top the rankings in Practicology’s Selling Fashion Online Report
Global digital consultancy Practicology has ranked a group of 15 Australian fashion retailers against 10 of their UK competitors, in research to determine who is doing a better job of...
February 14, 2019
Amazon Australia starts with FbA
Amazon increased its service offering to merchants in Australia by starting with the Fulfilment by Amazon (FbA) program in Australia. Local businesses selling through Amazon Marketplace will now be able...
February 27, 2018
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