Google adds website names to the mobile search results!
Google is adding website names and introducing new features and design elements to its search engine to make it easier to identify websites and businesses at a glance. They will...
October 19, 2022
Google Chrome wants to get “smarter”
Google Chrome aims at becoming smarter and more efficient in its results, by using advanced Machine Learning. With the main objective of making its Chrome browser more useful - and...
June 13, 2022
What are Google's Performance Max Campaigns?
Google has launched a new feature and tool called Performance Max, and it is aimed at supporting online entrepreneurs. This new tool is actually a new Google ads campaign type,...
May 6, 2022
The Iconic, Showpo and Asos top the rankings in Practicology’s Selling Fashion Online Report
Global digital consultancy Practicology has ranked a group of 15 Australian fashion retailers against 10 of their UK competitors, in research to determine who is doing a better job of...
February 14, 2019
Digital marketing: global spending near $100 billion
Last year, spending on digital marketing grew by 44% in the United States and Britain, bringing the total marketing value to $52 billion. A study estimates that the global outlays...
September 24, 2018
Free Webinar: Global SEO: How to enhance your website’s international customer experience with Geo-Targeting
Date:                Wed 3 May 2017 Time:                2pm – 3pm GMT  Speakers:         Lionbridge Subject Matter Experts Aoife McIlraith, Director of Global Search and Marketing Brendan Walsh, EMEA...
April 20, 2017
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