UK carriers: Parcels send to EU must have custom declaration form

January 11, 2021 by
Sanne Leenders
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Post Office customers in the United Kingdom are being warned. Any parcel containing gifts or goods that is being sent to a European Union country must have a custom declaration form attached to it.

The United Kingdom’s exit from the Customs Union means the following. Customs declarations which apply to non-EU countries has been extended to EU counties. However, a form does not have to be completed if customers are sending a letter, postcard or document to an EU country.

EU countries are a popular destination

Around 45% of the total international parcel traffic received by Post Offices in Great Britain goes to EU destinations. Post Office is advising its customers that they can pick up customs forms at its branches. Afterwards, they can complete them at home before returning to their Post Office to hand over their parcels. This is in order to save themselves time.

Customs declaration requirement

Post Office is now advising its customers to pick up customs forms at its branches. They need to complete them at home before returning to the branch to hand over their parcels. This saves themselves some time. “We know that over the past few weeks, many people will have been preoccupied with thoughts about Christmas and the pandemic. Postmasters are on hand to provide practical advice, particularly to small businesses, who regularly send a parcel to the EU. Customers should also look out for a leaflet in branches that has information about the new customs declaration requirement.", says Amanda Jones, Retail and Franchise Network Director.

The new requirement applies to anyone posting a parcel from England, Scotland or Wales to EU destinations. This was already a requirement when posting a parcel to non-EU destinations. If the sender doesn’t add the required document, it could lead to a delay in delivery.

Posting a parcel from Northern Ireland

It is not a requirement for customer from Northern Ireland to attach a custom declaration form when posting a parcel to EU destinations. However, they must continue to do so for parcels going to non-EU destinations.

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