Adidas closes most Dutch original stores

October 18, 2019 by
Nico Hoeijmans

adidasSports brand Adidas closes four Original Stores in the Netherlands. Earlier this year, five Dutch brand stores were already closed. Only two Original Stores will remain open.

Ten years ago, the sports brand entered the Dutch offline market with its Original Stores. Frank Basters, a spokesman of Adidas, says to regional newspaper De Gelderlander that the aim of the brand was to become visible for the consumer. The brand wasn't satisfied with the distribution by third-party sellers. The Dutch concept was unique in its own way.

A changing landscape

These days, the landscape for sports brands has changed drastically. "Adidas Originals is an established brand with more distribution through larger retailers like JD Sports and Footlocker," states Basters. The spokesman also says that consumers find their way to the brand online too.

It can be seen as a striking move by Adidas. In the current offline retail landscape, large brands often choose for a similar type of experience brand stores the sports brand is closing.


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