APEXX Global partners with Esenda to revolutionise education fee payment process

April 30, 2021 by
Sanne Leenders
APEXX Global

London, 21 April 2021 – APEXX Global, (“APEXX”), the multi-award-winning global  payments platform, has partnered with Esenda, the disruptive payments company focused  on independent schools, to help improve the security and efficiency of school fee payments. 

Finance teams at independent schools spend valuable time and resources managing the laborious task of fragmented and sometimes paper-based fee collections. Current processes  require large amounts of manual intervention and are often unsecure. In addition, these  payments can incur large and unnecessary transaction fees for both the schools and fee  payers.  

Esenda’s one-stop interface has a smart and secure service, and parents and bursars are  able to manage all payments through one central system, including anything from a music  lesson, ski trip or annual tuition fees. 

Esenda’s large variety of payment methods and currencies gives schools the ability to collect fees from all over the world securely. Furthermore, parents are kept up to date on their  transactions with live notifications, eliminating the need for them to chase us for payment  confirmation. 

Esenda integrates Apexx’s payment infrastructure to its platform, allowing schools and fee paying parents to benefit from its secure and partner-agnostic technology, as well as  increasing efficiency and reduces costs. 

Bertie Simpson, CEO Founder at Esenda, said: “There are over 2,500 independent  schools in the UK, many of which continue to expend unnecessary time and resource  reconciling fees through outdated and fragmented payment systems. Our one-stop-platform  truly revolutionises the process of education fee payments for fee payers and bursars alike.” 

Douglas Adams, VP of Sales at APEXX, said: “We’re delighted to have partnered with  Esenda to improve the outdated and insecure process of school fee payments.” 

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