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August 23, 2022 by
Frank Calviño

By Go Global - Planning on entering the online international market? Want reassurance it’s going to be a success? The key to successfully internationalizing and expanding your business online is having a solid cross-border strategy. Go Global Ecommerce’s downloadable Special Guide to E-Commerce: How to conquer the international market with a cross-border strategy explains where to start and how to develop your own cross-border strategy.

The step-by-step guide explains exactly what cross-border e-commerce is and the importance of internationalization in e-commerce. Most importantly, you will learn how to develop your own internationalization strategy for your e-commerce business, with advice from experts who attended a round table hosted by Go Global Ecommerce in June 2022. Get tips from the experienced attendees, including representatives from Jevnet, Salesupply, Skeepers, and Scalaplay.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, online sales have increased exponentially, making cross-border e-commerce more important than ever. New administration, laws, and taxation, as well as changes to marketing, logistics, and payment methods when dealing with other countries and cultures, can seem extremely daunting. However, don’t let it put you off. The easy-to-follow guide breaks down everything you need to know in its “11 steps to online internationalization”, detailing the fundamental pillars of an e-commerce internationalization strategy. Download it now!

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