Klarna expands Open Banking solution

March 9, 2021 by
Sanne Leenders
Open Banking

Klarna announced the expansion of its leading Open Banking solution across eight more European countries. This includes Portugal, Denmark, Luxembourg, Ireland, Croatia, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia. Klarna provides the largest open banking network in Europe. Supporting a total of 24 countries in the continent, with up to 99% and a minimum of 90% bank coverage across markets.

Simplified access

Klarna’s Open Banking solution offers third party providers simplified access. It gives access to consumer bank account data via ‘Account information’ (AIS) and ‘Payment initiation’ (PIS) services. This goes in line with Payment Services Directives (PSD2). Moreover, the secure solution allows consumers to better understand and engage with their finances in a more meaningful way. 

Account Insights

As part of the latest expansion, Klarna also introduces ‘Account Insights’. This is a new solution that turns simple bank statements into unique insights through categorization and data enrichment. In addition, these insights can enable a variety of use cases. Ultimately, this includes personalized budget plans, insurance checks, loan applications, credit- & risk assessments, personal finance management applications, and many more, all through a simple API integration. 

Empowering consumers through financial data

Klarna explains that since they launched their Open Banking Offering in March 2019 their growth trajectory has been tremendous. "That’s why we’re excited to launch in eight more markets today and expand our product offering even further, as we continue to lead Europe’s Open Banking industry covering more than 6.000 banks across 24 countries. The ability to empower consumers through financial data should not be at the discretion of a single provider but open to many providers so that more solutions can be developed that put the customer at the centre of their personal finances," says Koen Köppen, Klarnas Chief Technology Officer.

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