Macy's launches 'Story' nationally in 36 shops

April 17, 2019 by
Nico Hoeijmans


Macy's launches 'Story' on a national level in 36 shops. According to a press release, the company integrates the Story retail concept spread out over 15 states. Story will be on a certain theme, which is ‘colour’ at the moment for the nationwide debut. During this period, a rotating set of products are featured in the concept. Over 400 products from more than 70 small businesses are included in the first round. Macy’s bought the concept approximately a year ago. It is based on a magazine, with a certain theme that changes every month.

Over the past year, Macy's has shut down 100 shops. Some analysts even think that the company will have to close more than this. Despite that, size is one of its most important assets. The expansion of the new retail concept takes over 300 employees across the country.

Macy's Instagram-able moments

The participating brands also stage multiple hands-on experiences. Crayola will offer different workshops for kids. MAC is offering makeup classes and is introducing its ‘Make Your Own’- palette station to some of the locations. The company is trying to highlight the number of ‘Instagram-able moments’ of the concept with a rainbow tunnel and an interactive Lite-Brite experience. Rachel Shechtman, the founder of Story and brand experience officer at Macy's, says: “The Story experience at Macy's feels a lot like a real-life version of scrolling through Instagram.”


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