Mango jumps into the Metaverse with its first NFTs

March 28, 2022 by
Frank Calviño
Mango "Metagirl"

Mango jumps into the metaverse using art as its first “metaverse” experience.  The company is making its debut in the NFT market with the launch of three unique artworks co-created with crypto-artist Farkas. The three works are on display at Decentraland's Museum District as part of the first edition of Metaverse Fashion Week.

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The Mango project was developed together with Farkas, an Argentinian-Hungarian artist based in Buenos Aires, and comprises the works: Mango Metagirl, Mango Ad Astra, and Hanna in the Clouds. The three works will be exposed for free for a month, and are inspired by the brand's garments - the Lupi, Cinema, and Monica dresses, respectively - and aim to project the brand into the Metaverse. 

Mango NFTs in Decentraland 

The three NFTs created by Farkas for Mango will be exhibited at coordinates 13.82 in the Museum District of Decentraland, where Mango will have its own area in which it will reproduce a museum. It is an open space, circular in shape and with columns, which will allow the three framed artworks to be displayed.

Likewise, the three NFTs will be uploaded to the OpenSea platform, one of the main marketplaces for non-fungible tokens, using blockchain technology, but will not go on sale. For the development of the works, the artist has used technological tools such as the free software Blender and has collaborated with Mango's technology and 3D product design teams.

Decenterland fashion district

Mango's first virtual wearables

In addition to the three works of art, Mango will also launch its first three “wearables” NFTs that will be allowed to be virtually used by the public, although so far, it has not been clarified how or where could these virtual clothes be used.  

The first of these wearables also had the collaboration of Farkas, and will be a virtual reproduction of the Lupi dress, which reflects the Mediterranean values and culture that characterize Mango. This NFT will not go on sale but will become part of the company's historical catalog.

The group will also create two NFTs of a commemorative T-shirt (male and female model) of the first edition of Metaverse Fashion Week, considered as collector's items. Both the men's and women's models will be created in 50 units: 49 of them will be given as gifts to those attending the virtual event and one will be kept as property.

Mango's entry into the virtual environment of the metaverse represents a further step in strengthening the ecosystem of channels and partners on which Mango's business model is based. It also reinforces the company's commitment to digital innovation and the search for new customer relationship channels.

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