Mobile payments usage in France increased to 38%

April 28, 2021 by
Sanne Leenders
Mobile payments

The use of mobile payments has further increased in France. The share was 18% in 2018, but has now grown significantly to 38%. Currently, half of French consumers intend to use their smartphones for in-store payments in the future. Mobile payments come in many forms. It can be paying with your smartphone in stores, scanning a QR code to complete an online purchase, or sending money to relatives. Mobile commerce in Europe is still growing and in France this definitely is no different.

Together with Kantar Paylib has achieved its annual barometer on mobile payment. Performed each year since 2018, this barometer highlights both the evolution of these uses and their intention of adoption by French in the coming months. The trend is clear: after a timid start, the French, all ages combined, now display a growing appetite to pay with their phone in everyday situations. The use of mobile payments has further increased: from 18% in 2018 to 38% now. In addition, 49% of French people say they will use contactless in-store mobile payments in the future.

42% interested in transferring money using their phones

New payments services are also on the rise, including transferring money to mobile phone numbers. “This feature makes it possible to send money between individuals, for example to reimburse a loved one, via their smartphone. No need to know the bank details of your contact, a simple phone number is enough.”

Currently, one in four French consumers (26%) have already used a mobile app that enables money transfers between individuals. A trend that should gain momentum in the coming months since 42% of French consumers say they are now interested in this feature.

55% trust mobile payment solutions

Furthermore, while young people are still the top users, people over the age of 55 have recorded the highest increase in usage this year. This intention to use more mobile payment marks the growing confidence of the French in these new payment methods. Currently, over half of the consumers in France (55%) trust mobile payment solutions. Note, a marked increase among the youngest with 76% of 18/24 year olds who say they have confidence compared to 58% in 2018. The other notable increase concerns the 55 years and over who are now 50% compared to 41% in 2018.

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