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Missing the right balance between online and offline advertising
Research by Kantar suggests that social media platforms and online video will consolidate their dominant role in advertising in 2020. However, the research also highlights that a large portion of...
September 18, 2019
Germany: 65% of retailers do not sell online
Based on research by Handelsverbandes Deutschland, almost two out of three retailers in Germany do not sell their products online. While sales are expected to increase by 2% in the...
September 16, 2019
eTail Nordic: Automating Omnichannel 2019 report
eTail Nordic has presented the release of its 2019 industry report, Automating Omnichannel. The eTail Nordic team surveyed 100 heads of e-commerce from companies across the Nordic countries to find...
September 9, 2019
Online scammers’ best friends: China, Russia & the Netherlands
A research collaboration between and REACT has analysed over 65 million websites. Based on its data, it identified a top eight of hosting companies and registrars who support the...
September 2, 2019
More than 25% of Australian Amazon shoppers will change their shopping habits
New research published by global digital consultancy agency Practicology has polled Australian shoppers to assess their attitudes to Amazon Australia. The consumer poll shows that more Australian shoppers are turning to...
August 26, 2019
3% of all websites are scams
Research performed by, part of Ecommerce Foundation, shows that some countries are dealing with a lot of potential scam websites. The company helps over 2.5 million consumers monthly to check...
July 23, 2019
Customers are often dissatisfied
Customers are becoming increasingly dissatisfied. This comes as companies worldwide notice that customer service is becoming more important. That might sound odd, as companies are paying more attention to customer...
July 5, 2019
Global growth: steady developments of the online market
This article was previously published in Cross-Border Magazine Author: Nico Hoeijmans Over the years, it has become significantly easier to buy products and services from anywhere in the world. Having...
June 26, 2019
Shopify makes selling on Amazon easier
Shopify recently announced it would have a deep integration with eBay, it has now announced to make selling on Amazon marketplaces with Shopify easier. US sellers will be able to...
September 12, 2017
“All business is local” – Using geo-intelligence and customer data to increase local relevance
“Think global-act local”- all sellers active in multiple countries have heard of this mantra. Strategies including translating content and localizing services such as customer service and marketing come to mind...
February 8, 2017
US & UK consumers wish more sms interaction with the companies they engage with
More than half of global digital users would prefer to receive sms messages by companies they bouht from, but research by OpenMarkets shows that most of the consumers don’t receive...
January 19, 2017
B2B Commerce: Digitalization makes companies more global & more effective
Pursuit of the digitalization agenda is enabling B2B organizations to transform their business models, expand outside their traditional markets and enable operational innovation. These are some of the findings from...
November 14, 2016
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