Success story: German shopping club Limango expands to France

August 10, 2016 by
Janine Nothlichs

Limango, a German shopping club focusing on families, will expand its offer to France via The My Toys subsidiary, already active in Germany, Austria, Poland, and the Netherlands, will now have to compete against the ‘mother of all shopping clubs’- Vente Privée. has interviewed CEO Sven van den Bergh to find out how he plans to gain market share in this very competitive environment. The manager is positive: “The demand for our product offer has already met great demand in the try-out phase. In the Netherlands and in Poland, our company is thriving as well. There is no other player in these markets focusing on families, and this is also why we are in a great position to grow internationally. After France, we plan to launch more European markets.”

One of limango’s success factors is an international sourcing mix that makes the product offer diverse and unique: “We source over 40 percent of our offer outside of Germany, especially in Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, France and the Scandinavian countries. […..]” In this way, limango succeeds in surprising its clients with new products they cannot find in another webshop.

Limango tailors its product offer to each target market in order to maximise customer satisfaction and conversion. Every year, the company launches a total of 4000 sales of 1500 different brands. 80 percent of the shoppers are returning customers.  In 2015, the company achieved a surplus of 40 percent, reaching a turnover of €129mn.

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