U.S. holidays ‘record sales’ could be due to inflation
U.S. customers reached record sales during this year’s holiday season. Still, according to CNN, this was primarily due to inflation, which forced consumers to spend more for retail goods and...
December 28, 2022
How to increase your sales with a Blog? A step-by-step tutorial!
Ismael Ruiz - Blogs are one of the most powerful 'weapons' on the Internet if you have an online business and want to attract users interested in buying your products...
October 17, 2022
Online Shoppers in Germany buy more and more in China
Online consumers in Germany buy more and more goods abroad. According to DPD's e-shopper barometer, half of German online shoppers have accessed a foreign webshop to purchase a product cross-border....
January 25, 2019
Online sales of technical consumer goods gain ground in Europe
According to a research by GfK, the online sales of technical consumer goods in Europe lags behind. While e-commerce accounted for a third of the total value of technical consumer...
September 6, 2018
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