How to increase your sales with a Blog? A step-by-step tutorial!

October 17, 2022 by
Frank Calviño

Ismael Ruiz - Blogs are one of the most powerful 'weapons' on the Internet if you have an online business and want to attract users interested in buying your products or hiring your services.

What started as a place where individuals shared all kinds of experiences, has ended up becoming a very effective formula to share relevant and informative content for the customer, always with commercial intent. 

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And this can have many benefits for you and your business.

✔️ If you still don't know how a blog can help you improve sales, this article is for you.

So take note!

Is a blog a good idea for all types of businesses?

A blog should adapt to all types of business, regardless of whether or not you sell products online.

For example, a restaurant could benefit from this space to share recipes, and promotions, or simply solve culinary questions that your potential customer might be looking for.

A digital business that sells women's clothing can also rely on a blog to share all kinds of content to help their potential customers to give them ideas on what to wear for a wedding, communion, baptism, or even for everyday life in the office.

It is clear that among the garments mentioned, we may have some of those from the online shop of the e-commerce itself.

But the blog could focus, mainly, on providing information and adding value to a particular group of people with a defined set of interests.

So, all in all, a blog is for all kinds of businesses, except those businesses that are not committed to publishing entertaining and interesting content for readers with a minimum frequency, nor for those who do not have enough resources to maintain it. 

✔️ You must be aware that to stay at the 'top of minds' of your potential customer, you must reach them / impact them recurrently from the Google search results pages.

A blog will allow you to appear in the search engine for all of your target audience information needs. But it is a lot of work. So keep this in mind. 

5 benefits that a blog can bring to your brand

We could make an endless list of benefits, but among the most important benefits we could surely mention the following:

✅ Authority

It doesn't matter in which sector or market you move, you will probably face a high level of competition. And the only way to make a difference is to differentiate yourself, and for that, you need to have a certain authority.

A blog can help you achieve that relevant position if you specialize in writing quality content that really interests your readers.

If you only focus on SPAM content  - for example, content that is only related to promoting your business - the user will lose interest and the strategy will be useless.

✅ Position yourself / your brand as an expert 

You only have to do a simple search on the Internet to find a large amount of information on the same subject.

The user tends to look for specialized websites: that is to say, those in which they really write about what they understand, going into all kinds of details if necessary.

This type of specialized content will allow us to become experts in the subject matter, which will help us to achieve an important and very advantageous position of authority.

This will also help with the creation of a Community: this means that customers (or potential customers) will ask questions, answer other users, and even want to share content.

You must 'tattoo' this inside your mind:

Solving people's doubts generates trust and presents you as an expert in your sector.

✅ Improve SEO

With a good SEO strategy implemented in your blog, you can improve your positions in Google metrics under certain keywords.

By appearing in a more attractive position in the SERPs, it will be much easier for them to click on the result of your business, rather than on the results of competitors.

A blog that has achieved a good position can be a differentiating resource par excellence that will help you gain visibility in the face of competitors.

✅ You will attract quality readers/quality leads

Content creation is complex since it requires a previous study, writing, as well as subsequent optimization. 

In addition, it will have to be updated with a certain frequency so that Google considers us as an important entity.

By creating content we not only improve our positions, but we will also attract a higher quality audience. 

That is, to that type of audience with which there are more chances of closing an action (such as the purchase of an article or hiring a service).

✅ Increased confidence and brand reputation by solving your most frequently asked questions

The Internet has become a very reliable source when it comes to resolving doubts. 

No matter what kind of item we want to buy or what service we want to hire, we are sure to find a website where we can answer our questions.

And it is precisely for this that we can use our blog. 

If we become a reference site and offer content that really interests (as could be the resolution of frequently asked questions), we will get recurring visits to have a loyal audience.

This will allow us to achieve a more or less stable income.

How to improve your business sales thanks to a blog?

If you have a blog, and you still can't improve your sales, with these tips you will have it much easier:

➡️ Bet on content marketing.

The first thing you should do is look for advanced techniques that will allow you to attract traffic to your web project. It won't do any good to have an optimized landing page, or a good product/service if you can't attract anyone.

Content marketing is the creation of content that can be interesting to your audience. We are not only talking purely about texts, but also about images, audio, podcasts, infographics, or any other resource.

This tool is perfect to increase web traffic and increase the chances of sales.

And what formats should be used to create this type of content? The most successful ones within a blog are:

  • Tutorials
  • Related podcast episodes
  • Explanatory/demonstration videos
  • Summary infographics
  • Animated gifs where you can be seen doing something specific as an explanation

➡️ Invest in videomarketing.

Videos are very interesting resources that you can use to let a potential customer know the advantages of a product or service.

Today's users are becoming more and more demanding: when searching for products online, they are not satisfied with just reading the description and a couple of images, they want to know all the details, and even watch a video to get a better perspective.

To do this, we can create what is known as a sales video. This is a video that focuses on presenting the product and has a short duration (we could be talking about a few seconds or minutes). 

The main purpose of this video is to convince the audience that the product you want to sell will help them solve that problem or need they have.

Here are some basic tips to help you get started with video marketing.

  • Study your potential customer to capture their attention.
  • Talk to them about your brand so they know your authority.
  • Find out how to connect with your audience. To do this, you must use your experience.
  • Give them a solution so that they understand that your product is the most suitable to solve that need.
  • Be aware of objections and obstacles and answer any questions that may arise.
  • Show the details of the product: indicate the cost and the way the user can pay for it.
  • And don't forget to add the corresponding Call to Action.

➡️ Mental triggers.

Another marketing strategy that can be very effective is mental triggers. They are very interesting for those who wanted to boost the level of blog sales.

They are simple tips that can help you boost marketing strategies while ensuring that readers get what they are looking for.

We can find a wide list of these mental triggers or psychological triggers. For example, we could be talking about authority, scarcity, reason, novelty, and reciprocity, among others.

Let's give an example focusing on the scarcity of resources: if we indicate that there are few products available, we will use the scarcity of resources. 

This makes people rush to buy because they do not want to miss the opportunity to buy something that is exclusive.

➡️ Seasonal marketing.

Seasonal marketing is applied on dates that are special, such as Valentine's Day, Christmas, or Mother's Day. It is a great opportunity to improve sales.

The main idea behind this type of marketing is to achieve economic benefits by adapting the campaign to the time of the year when your competitors make more purchases.

Depending on the type of business you have, the strategy can be more or less complicated:

-If we are talking about entrepreneurs who focus on info products, deliveries can be automated. There won't be much difference between selling one item or hundreds of items.

-But things change if we focus on physical products. If we are talking about a very strong summer period (as is the case of Christmas), the sales peaks can make the work of logistics soar at that time.

➡️ Exclusive promotions.

It is normal to feel frustrated or discouraged when you do not manage to sell during a season. Instead of thinking about quitting, it is better to look for another way to make money, reviewing old strategies and trying to find out where the failure is.

Exclusive promotions are strategies that allow you to increase sales comfortably. And the best of all is that they are not only adapted to an online store, but they are also effective on the blog.

We can wait for a weak sales period to try to launch some special promotions for your current customers, a contest, offer a 2 x 1, or any other strategy that the customer can conceive as beneficial.

➡️ Work on the hype factor of your products.

Hype is a technique that is not only used to sell products. For example, it is also very effective to publicize an event or a Netflix series.

The idea is to emphasize a certain idea, resource, or product, even before it is going to be launched on the market.

We are used to seeing it: for example, when a company is going to release a new product, expectations about it start to be created, or rumors may arise that allow this Hype to increase.

Moreover, you don't need to be a big company to benefit from this resource, although you do need to have created a community.

Follow these tips and you will see how a blog can help you increase your sales! 

About the author: Ismael Ruiz is a Digital Marketing consultant and CEO of Imparables Agency. Expert in corporate blog management and SEO strategy.

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