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Mobile sales will account for 34% of all US e-commerce sales
Mobile e-commerce retail sales will make up 24% of all US e-commerce sales in 2019. That accounts for an estimated amount of 203.94 billion dollars. Desktop purchases are still dominating...
April 11, 2019
Fraud fears unnecessary limit cross‑border e-commerce
Demand from online shoppers globally to purchase from US retailers is high. However, a lot of retailers reject foreign e-commerce orders automatically. By carefully planning and choosing familiar markets, retailers...
April 8, 2019
The WTO is working on the modernisation of cross-border e-commerce regulations
According toAxios, the e-commerce market became a 3.5 trillion dollar global market, of which approximately 700 billion dollars is spent on cross-border purchases. However, almost no international or global rules...
March 12, 2019
US users need PayPal Cash or PayPal Cash Plus account by 29th March
Payment company PayPal has informed their US customers of changes to the way US personal account holders can use and hold a balance with PayPal. Before the end of March...
February 27, 2019
Alibaba: king of the holiday season
Tamebay.com reports that Alibaba, the most powerful, well-known Chinese marketplace platform, is the absolute king of the 2018 holiday sales. Comparing the United States versus Alibaba Holiday sales for 2018,...
December 4, 2018
Final tweaks in North American trade deal keep lid on e-commerce
Last-minute changes to the new North American trade deal sank USA's hopes of making Canada and Mexico allow higher-value shipments to the countries by online retailers, such as Amazon.com, a top...
October 8, 2018
Digital marketing: global spending near $100 billion
Last year, spending on digital marketing grew by 44% in the United States and Britain, bringing the total marketing value to $52 billion. A study estimates that the global outlays...
September 24, 2018
Global shipping volumes: $279 billion revenue in 2017
The Pitney Bowes Parcel Shipping Index revealed that parcel shipping generates 279 billion dollars revenue in 2017. Turnover increased with 11% over 2016, while parcel volumes grew 17%, to 74.4...
August 30, 2018
Amazon Introduces Grocery Pickup in as Little as 30 Minutes from Select Whole Foods Market Stores
Amazon and Whole Foods Market announced the launch of grocery pickup beginning in Sacramento and Virginia Beach, with more cities to come throughout 2018. Prime members can now shop Whole Foods Market’s selection of grocery...
August 13, 2018
Google invests half a billion in Chinese JD.com
American tech-company Google invests about 550 million dollars into the Chinese web giant JD.com. Both Google and JD.com say they want to cooperate to develop a retail infrastructure that improves...
June 22, 2018
Amazon Prime users to drop service with coming price rise
Amazon will raise the cost of American Prime in the USA from $99 to $119. This change will come effective starting June, 16th. The announcement followed after the results of the...
May 11, 2018
Rakuten and Walmart announce strategic alliance
Rakuten and Walmart are about to launch an online grocery delivery service in Japan and a new eBooks and audiobooks offering in the U.S. According to Walmart president and CEO Doug McMillon...
January 30, 2018
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