Mobile sales will account for 34% of all US e-commerce sales

April 11, 2019 by
Nico Hoeijmans

phone-1Mobile e-commerce retail sales will make up 24% of all US e-commerce sales in 2019. That accounts for an estimated amount of 203.94 billion dollars. Desktop purchases are still dominating with 331.85 billion dollars in 2019, but the growth rate is only 5%.

Over 50% of the smartphone users this year are going to make a minimum of one online purchase from their device. The average smartphone buyer will annually spend 1763 dollars. Especially younger shoppers are shopping through apps, compared to the rate of older demographics. Bizrate Insights, of the internet users aged 18-34 in the US, a striking 61% used a retail app on their mobile phone to order products or services in the past month.

Mobile: a top channel to order

A Brand Content Survey executed by Adobe in 2019 shows something in line with this conclusion. This research concludes that 29% of the digital device users in the US, aged 18-22, names the mobile app of a brand as top channel used to order a product. The combined data also shows that tablets have a purchase penetration of 69.7%. However, there are a lot less monthly active users and less growth than smartphones.

Retail e-commerce sales via tablet are expected to value 63.12 billion dollars in 2019. This accounts for a year over year growth rate of 9.9%.

This increase in the usage of mobile apps serves as a valuable data source for marketers as well. According to a survey conducted by Advertiser Perceptions and MightyHive82% of digital marketers in the US believe that mobile app analytics data plays an important role in marketing and advertising decisions.

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