YouTube and Shopify announce YouTube Shopping

July 26, 2022 by
Frank Calviño

Online video platform giant, YouTube, and renowned e-commerce software, Shopify, announce the launch of YouTube Shopping. It is a platform that offers new live shopping options to allow users to access products directly from YouTube's website, without having to leave the site. 

Starting with this launch, YouTube Shopping users will be able to purchase products from merchants that are present on Shopify while watching a video or live stream. In addition, an interesting new feature that this platform introduces is the ability to checkout via YouTube as well. This new feature is now available worldwide and merchants will need to have a minimum of 1,000 subscribers to be able to use it. 

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Shopify's global growth 

Over the past few years, and especially during the pandemic, Shopify has gained many users worldwide. While live shopping is currently very popular in Asian countries, it is not yet widespread in Europe. According to a survey conducted in the Netherlands, only 13% of consumers participated in live shopping in 2021. However, this trend is expected to continue to grow. 

At the same time, Shopify has recently entered the influencer market. In 2022, the company acquired Dovetale, the well-known influencer marketing startup, launching its own influencer engagement tool. 

The retirement of Tik Tok

Despite its age, YouTube today has more than 2 billion monthly users. Its main competitor today is Tik Tok, which is estimated to be surpassing the classic platform in popularity. Tik Tok launched its own live shopping tool in Europe towards the end of last year. However, in July 2022, it decided to withdraw it in the West after disappointing results. 

Towards multi-channel commerce 

According to Shopify spokespersons, commerce today is characterized by multi-channel commerce. In this respect, YouTube represents one of the most influential channels worldwide. As such, it is hoped that the new integration between the two platforms, Shopify and YouTube, will be able to change the commerce opportunities for independent brands in an increasingly creator-driven economy. 

From this launch, merchants will be able to tag products in a live stream or display a list of products on the back of videos. In addition, they will be able to manage, via the "shopping" tag, which products are shown to users. There is also the possibility to add a "shop" tab to the merchant's YouTube channel. 

As far as the product information is concerned, the products are automatically synchronized with the Shopify catalog, so that the products disappear from YouTube when they are displayed in the Shopify catalog.

YouTube maintains that:

“We’re continuing to expand shopping across Live, Shorts and long-form video to help more creators connect with their viewers and fans in a fun, creative ways and we can’t wait to see how our creators bring shopping to life on YouTube”. 

All in all, this new integration might become a valuable way to further monetize the powerful video platform, for brands and businesses. 

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