25% Growth for E-commerce in Spain

October 16, 2017 by
Nico Hoeijmans

ecommerce_spain_q12017In Spain, e-commerce increased by 24.8 percent year-on-year during the first quarter of 2017. In these three months, 6.8 billion euros was spent online, while the number of transactions increased by 31 percent to 115 million. According to data by communications regulator CNMC, the highest revenue can be found in the travel category, accounting for more than 13 percent of the total turnover of e-commerce in Spain. It is closely followed by air transport (11,2%) and, on some distance, clothing (6,2%).

The 115 million transactions account for an increase of 31 percent compared to the same period last year. CDs, books, newspapers and stationery are the areas of activity with the highest percentage of e-commerce transactions.

The Spanish spend 55,4% of their online purchases on Spanish e-commerce websites. The other part was spent on e-commerce websites in foreign locations. Almost all (93%) purchases were done in countries within the European Union. Only 3 percent went to the United States. The remaining 4 percent was spent in other areas.



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